(COVID-19): Policy and Procedures (updated 3/20/20)

March 17th, 2020

To our patients and professional partners:

We continue to stay open to be able to serve the needs of the community. However, for the safety of our workers and our patients we have applied same changes in our policies in regards to infection control and check-in procedures at the clinic. The precautions set forth were in response to changes in CDC guidelines which continue to change from day to day towards a pattern of increasing caution, as well as our own internal policy to maximize social distancing and minimize unneeded contact between patients. The issues with COVID 19 are likely to be long term perhaps 6 months upward of a year. We will modify the policies set forth as CDC changes their guidelines and will keep staff and patient up to date of any changes, but as today these are the policies.  We appreciate your cooperation and support. Please know that we remain open solely for the benefit of the community and those that need medical care.

How will my Physical Therapy be effected?
You will see several changes in check-in policies at the clinic. You will be asked a series of screening questions:

  1. Do you have a fever, cough, or cold?
  2. Have you travelled out of state or off island in the last 14 days?
  3. Have you had any contact with anyone suspected or having COVID-19.

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, please cancel your appointment. You will be instructed on hand washing and expected to wash your hands before and after PT. We will no longer have a waiting room, so please show up at your appointment time (not early). If you are at high risk you might be offered Tele-PT as an option, but currently this is only available on a self pay basis and not covered by medical insurance. You also might be monitored for symptoms including a fever.

What else is Hawaii Sports and Balance Center doing?
We have started monitoring our staff for symptoms including fever at the beginning of each work day. We have redoubled our efforts to sanitize the clinic using product’s known to kill viruses. We have discontinued our gym program and adjusted our clinical staff schedules in order to minimize our clinic capacity to 10 people or less. As a result, please expect changes to your schedule so that we can minimize clinic capacity during peak work times. We strongly support social distancing at this time and are making changes in our schedule to make social distancing more practical.

HiSBC Patient COVID-19 Policy and Procedures

In summary, to follow CDC guidelines, internal HiSBC policies, and to minimize exposure to people we are asking all patients…

  • Seek medical advice from your doctor if you are experiencing fever (65 year or older 99.6 temperature; younger than 65 years 100.4 or high), cough, and/or shortness of breath.
  • Call HiSBC to cancel your appointment if 1) you are experiencing any symptoms of a cold, flu, cough, or elevated temperature, 2) have traveled outside of the state of Hawaii, or off island in the last 14 days 3) Had contact or was in close proximity of a person diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Do not arrive early to your appointment but to check in at your scheduled time. You may wait in your car for your appointment.
  • Please attend your appointment alone.  If you need daily assistance, please only allow your caretaker to attend your appointment with you. Don’t bring children. Other family members can stay in the car.
  • Verbally check in with the font desk. Sign in sheets are suspended till further notice.
  • Do no congregate or loitering in the waiting room after appointment.
  • After check in proceed immediately to restroom to wash hands as recommended by CDC. 

Effective immediately, we are suspending free useage of HiSBC’s gym till further notice.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during the COVID -19 crisis.    – Management